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We are developing Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) treatment support system. Amblyopia affecting approximately 2 to 3 out of every 100 children.  We learn to see from the birth. This process continues until the age of 9. Brain learn to process the vision comes from the eye and learns to control eye. If one of the eyes has a problem more than the other eye, the brain stops learning the process for the bad eye. This problem may refraction or cataract. To continue learning process, this eye problem must be solved. For refraction problem, correct prescription glasses must be used. For cataract problem, surgery operation is required. Because learning process is ended before the age of 9, the parents should checkup their children before the age of 2. If lazy eye is diagnosed at early ages, it can be treated by using a patch on the good eye to make bad eye work more. Strabismus may appear on some lazy eye patients.

After age of 9, patching treatment can’t help. For adults there should be special stimulus and hardware to treat the bad eye. With virtual reality glasses, such treatment environment can be build. With VR glasses, separete vision can be supplied for each eye. In this treatment, there will be no medicine, surgary and laser application. This treatment is based on playing games that developed for this treatment.

For this treatment, we are investigating VR headset to involve the best one for this treatment system. Because VR systems have 2 serious health problem, we are so sensitive for the evaluation process. Those problems are motion sickness and vergence-accommodation conflict. We also include some measurement tools to our treatment system.

We are working on proper content and hardware for the children.

Our project is accepted by Yildiz Incubation Center of Yildiz Technical University. We are developing our project at Yildiz Technopark.

Our project also accepted by Acibadem Incubation Center of Acibadem University. Acibadem Univesity supports us by Ophaltomology and Neurology Departments.

Wise Eye project is being developed by Softanya Games.